viernes, 16 de abril de 2010


It was a good and enriching experience, I assume that that must be what the students that seized this course should fill about it. What can I say about it from my own view; at first, if you are not willing to do a lot of activities, weel you aren't made for it. That has been my case. The course, or more appropiately the teacher Doris M, shows you doorways to a small world, but a world in the end, of interaction and furthering of of own's abilities and capabilities in the mastering of the English lengauge. Second Life (with her virtual alter ego, Pionia Destiny, as your guide through SD world), her myriad of sites and pages about teaching English, the katamy, and other ones I fail to remember by the time. I didn't seize anything of that during this January-Abril course. I had, and still, to deal with learning issues I thought I had overcome, but it seems that not at all.

Unlike the first English levels(1-2-3), we are talking of SERIOUS business here at level VIII. What this course is mostlyt about is Redaction (duh!). What I feel I've learned? well, learning means between other things how to apply something one has come to know, more than just you getting it known. In that sense I've learned very little, but I have the lessons material that has been given to me and my fellow students during the course, so it will be always available to re-learn it. In brief, the two things I'll remeber most about this course are: the steps and stages in redacting, the paragraph structure, and that I feeling of having a lost chance

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by Javier


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Anyone who have used Internet realizes that is though, to not say impossible, to live withou it. Internet have become many places for almost everyone in this world. A place to shop (or steal) everything, a place to meet every kind of people, a museum to exhibit your works, an office, a libray, and many more things. So if you want... (my inspiration fell short for this entry)

Passion Fruit

o Can’t be eaten

§ Passion fruits can’t be eaten because it has many seeds and little meat.

o Smooth skin

§ Passion fruits have smooth skin but it could also be wrinkled

o Sour taste

§ Passion fruit has a sour taste but everything made with it is delicious anyway



Once you have planned or know what your work is going to be about, do a first writing of it. This will be called first draft or rough draft. Generally it won’t look like the definitive writing, since in the rough draft you are going to translate for the first time your ideas for doing the work.

Do it quickly so you don’t lose the ideas you had in the planning step. Don’t pay too much attention to the gramar and spelling details here. If you don’t know how to translate to English a word from your native language, go for a dictionary, but make it as less as posible to don’t stop he flow of ideas for the draft.

Do it peferably in a computer, it make it easier the work of translating and correcting gramar and spelling. If you are going to write it in paper, write the lines with double space of separation to make easy corrections and changes of words.

A draft can be writen and rewritten one or more times as you may realice the need of looking for more information once you started to write it. In that case, whenever you restart do it from the prewriting steps. It occurs oftenly that new ideas for the work comes to mind once you have started writing.

Pay attention to the beggining and the end of the writing:

- The beggining of the writing must always be written in a way that can hook the future reader to continue reading the rest

- The ending of the writing should be written so that it makes clear the points of it and give the reader something new to know or think about

E.G: * Have you ever think that you know all about…

But probably you never heard that --------------




So the next time you think about ---- now you have

something else to consider about it

"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" Mark Twain.
Wise words, man. Don't conform with the formal education, it's less than half of the way in preparing for life and by itself it will leave much you less than you could wish to get learned. Heck, I'm a living example of that but I'm not going to deepen on this issue